Work Management

Work Management Module (CMMS) is a module that includes preventive maintenance management including job requests, work orders, job templates, as well as workflow management, work scheduling, failure / failure codes classification, and condition monitoring.

The software cannot do the job of a qualified professional. However, with the help of the program, all tasks are grouped and prioritized, and the software helps to ensure that all resources (materials, specialists, tools) are in place to complete the task on time. CMMS / EAM job management solutions helps technicians, and engineers focus more on practical work or maintenance, rather than document printing, signatures collection, and other no value-added jobs.

The system allows you to control and continuously improve actions and processes as you move closer to your maintenance goals every time.

The work module allows you to analyze a variety of issues and situations related to a company asset or it’s groups, which improves work effectiveness, helps managers make the right decisions, and adheres to all set standards.

The module will assist your company with preventive maintenance. The system will plan and schedule maintenance daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or based on events or meter readings. Using various process parameters (such as pressure, temperature, vibration, flow) and material samples (such as grease), you will monitor the condition of the equipment to schedule timely corrective action. This will help reduce the environmental impact and prevent unnecessary costs associated with downtime and lost revenue from replacing parts and various components due to wear and tear.