IT solutions

TP AIM, UAB has developed a specialized asset integrity management system, TP.AIM, for asset lifecycle and maintenance management. The system enables high efficiency of asset management processes throughout the asset life cycle.

The system was designed for specific asset types:

  • heat exchangers,
  • columns,
  • pipelines,
  • pumps and engines,
  • flanges,
  • valves, and, 
  • for another asset types.

TP.AIM functionality includes:

  • asset management,
  • asset classification and location management,
  • management of specifications and related technical documentation,
  • work management,
  • data migration management,
  • material management, and,
  • drawing management. 

TP.AIM includes six core management modules.

TP.AIM software system is designed to help maintenance personnel perform their daily tasks more efficiently and effectively. Preventative maintenance planning enables organizations to extend the life of equipment and assets themselves. Software can help organizations enforce compliance and help managers make right decisions.