What Asset Management means

The computerized asset management system can be called various names: Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), Integrated Information Management System (IIMS), and so on. All of these sophisticated names describe a system whose primary purpose is to maintain a database that gives the organization the tools to efficiently maintain operational assets.
Asset management can be defined as “a comprehensive and structured approach to assets throughout their life cycle and is an effective tool for ensuring the operation of a company.”

Maintenance Efficiency – How efficient is the maintenance department in performing maintenance at the lowest cost?

Are we optimally using funds for maintenance?

 Maintenance Effectiveness – How effective is the maintenance strategy in achieving business reliability and meeting business goals?

Is the right maintenance for the right equipment and at the right time meeting business goals?

Maintenance Management Styles

Passive maintenance

  • Emergency work 60% and more
  • Preventive work 30%
  • Planned work 10%

Active maintenance

  • Emergency work 10% and more
  • Preventive work 30%
  • Planned work 60%